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Younger Drivers Relying On Part Worn Tyres

At Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre we are quick to remind our customers about the dangers and pitfalls of part worn tyres, many of which have not been subjected to proper safety checks before they have been resold. The attraction for many drivers is obvious – part worns are much cheaper than new tyres, even if they do wear out more quickly.

However, this also adds an element of risk for drivers as many of them are not really sure what they are buying, and some of the tyres that are sold on to consumers carry signs of serious damage and disrepair.

Nevertheless, part worns continue to be bought and used by a wide variety of drivers in the UK. A recent survey undertaken by Advantage Research and Innovation revealed many of the attitudes towards part worn tyres in the UK, including a worrying trend that shows how many younger drivers are increasingly relying on part worn tyres exclusively.

The survey took place in the year leading up to October 2015, and involved some 4000 UK car drivers who were asked a series of questions about how they had purchased their tyres in the past year. The participants were aged between 17 and 84 and therefore represented a full cross section of different age groups.

Research indicated that the 17-34 year old age group showed an increasing acceptance of used, second hand or part worn tyres as a safe, cost-effective option when purchasing new tyres. This was in stark contrast to older age groups, who predominantly choose premium tyres.

In addition, the likelihood of individuals from older age groups buying part worn tyres was much less, with the majority of those aged over 55 identifying with the statement “I would never drive on part-worn tyres”. This was in contrast to just 24% of 17-24 year olds and 23% of 25-39 year olds who chose to identify with the same statement.

Overall this research showed a clear disparity of opinion amongst Britain’s drivers when it comes to part worn tyres. If you have any questions or concerns about the state of your tyres please bring them in to our garage, where we will happily carry out a safety check free of charge.

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