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Wheel alignment is a crucial element of vehicular maintenance

Professional diagnosis and correction of improperly aligned wheels.

Misaligned wheels can cause danger on the roads as well as result in excessive tyre degradation. This increased pressure on tyres leads to the unwanted expense of frequent replacement. Many people are unaware of the importance of making sure their wheels are properly aligned, this is especially common in younger drivers who have never owned a car before. It is essential that alignment is checked by a reputable outfit to ensure your vehicle is operating safely and smoothly and extend the life of your tyres.

Improper alignment may presents itself by the vehicle pulling in one direction. It also causes your car to corner badly and makes it difficult to handle and manoeuvre. The consequences however may not be apparent until there is excessive wear on inside or outside edges of the tyre. Naturally, this negatively impacts on your safety and the safety of your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. As drivers have to work against the misalignment the result is increased concentration which causes drivers to become lethargic, thus increasing the danger.

Our trained and skilled team will rigorously assess your vehicle to determine the cause of the misalignment. Once diagnosed, we can quickly and efficiently resolve the issue and get you back out on the road. All work is carried out in our well-equipped facilities and we have the experience and knowledge to execute superior wheel alignment adjustments and ensure customer satisfaction. At competitive prices our services offer you improved vehicular performance and handling accompanied by safety behind the wheel.

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