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Wheel Alignment in Middlesbrough and Stockton is just one area of regular car maintenance that Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre technicians specialise in, and we believe that it is important to get your vehicle checked at least once a year to correct imbalances and prevent tyre wear and bad handling.

Road and traffic accidents are common causes of wheel alignment problems, especially minor ones like hitting a kerb or a pot hole that drivers might otherwise dismiss. If you ever suspect that this may be the case with your vehicle, please feel free to bring it in for a check. Another common cause of poor wheel alignment is older, worn out springs and suspension components, making checks a must whenever new tyres or components are installed.Wheel Alignment in Middlesbrough and Stockton

It can be difficult initially to know if your vehicle is suffering from out-of-alignment conditions, but if you notice your car pulling to one side or your tires getting worn down before their time this could be the root of the problem. If, over time, unusual tire wire patterns do begin to appear, Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre can assess your wheel alignment issues and perform an appropriate adjustment to get your vehicle back in line with its original manufacturer’s specifications, all from our well equipped automotive garage in Stockton.

Tune up your wheel alignment to the correct specifications

When it comes to diagnosing and resolving wheel alignment issues in Middlesbrough there are numerous factors to consider, and unfortunately there is no “one size fits all” solution available. Instead, our automotive technicians take into account a wide array of metrics, with each one adjustable based on the optimal specifications of the vehicle in question. Our staff are trained to adjust the angles of wheels based on factors such as:

  • Camber: the vertical angle at which the tyre tilts, either towards or away from the vehicle. Both positive and negative camber can have implications for vehicle cornering
  • Caster: an imaginary slope running either forwards or backwards through the upper and lower steering pivot point
  • Toe: the direction in which the tyres are pointed when compared to the centreline of the vehicle

In addition, driving style should be taken into consideration – if you are an assertive (aggressive?) driver then your driving style could be adversely affecting the wheel alignment of your vehicle in Middlesbrough, leading to a number of problems down the road that could easily be addressed with routine maintenance. Even on a level road, this can make a big difference and could save you time and money replacing worn and damaged tyres.

In terms of handling, comfort, safety and vehicle performance, maintaining the ideal wheel alignment for your vehicle in Stockton or Middlesbrough can have a transformative impact on your driving experience, and we offer the facilities and expertise to undertake timely and effective wheel alignment adjustments for a competitive price.