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Tyresafe Launches Online Tyre Pressure Calculator for Caravanners

Some good news for the UK’s half a million caravan owners: TyreSafe (the tyre safety experts) have launched an online tyre pressure calculator specifically for caravans and caravan owners.

It is well known amongst caravanners that keeping to their recommended tyre pressure is important for a number of reasons, from keeping fuel consumption down to ensuring the stability and safety of the vehicle in transit. Correct tyre inflation will also ensure that the distribution of weight falls evenly on all tyres at once, which will increase the lifespan of your tyres.

Where it gets difficult, however, is in maintaining the correct tyre pressure of your vehicle on the move, and this is where TyreSafe’s new calculator comes in. Available online and via your mobile, drivers can refer to it when adjusting their tyre pressure in real time.

TyreSafe’s caravan tyre pressure calculator generates a recommended pressure for the tyres on your vehicle based three key indicators; the Maximum Technically Permitted Load Mass (MTPLM) of the vehicle, the number of wheels in contact with the road and the tyre size – road index. All of this data feeds into a single database containing information about tyre sizes, types, load indexes and other relevant technical data. This way the calculator can produce the most accurate tyre pressure recommendation for your vehicle.

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