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Checking Tyre Pressures is so important.

Correct pressure will ensure that you always have optimum tread area on the road. This improves road safety, handling and fuel consumption.

If you check pressures regularly (or let us do it for you) then you will be aware if any slow punctures are developing and be able to deal with any problems as they arise. This is even more important now that most modern cars do not have a spare wheel. So extra vigilance will keep you safer!

We will always repair punctured tyres if it is possible to do so.

Quite often alloy wheels themselves can give rise to a slow pressure loss. Alloy wheel coating is prone to road damage and can corrode and cause pressure less. For this problem we can clean rims and reseal. With regular pressure checks, again, you can pre-empt this causing damage to tyres or even blow outs on long journeys.

So if you have pressure loss with any tyre then pop in any time and we will always check it out for you.

Slow Puncture