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The tyre business is an extremely complicated one now. Many vehicles require specific fitment and handling and performance may be adversely it can be VERY important to have the right tyre!

We carry large stocks and can offer a wide range of tyres to suit all purpose and pockets. Everything we sell is ROSPA tested and you can be assured of the safety of every tyre, even from the least expensive that we supply. We can look after everything from the little runabout to the executive motor and provide the perfect tyre for every driver.

We can supply All Terrain, Mud Terrain, Van in fact everything is available to us.

We will also look after your wheel barrow tyres and grass cutter tyres.

If you have any special requirements then please give us a call or e mail any time.


Tyre services we provide

Punctures and Tyre Pressure Loss

Correct pressure will ensure that you always have optimum tread area on the road. This improves road safety, handling and fuel consumption
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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment issues will cause premature tyre wear, Increased fuel consumption, Bad handling
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Tyre Inflation

Very few people pay a great of attention to the state of their tyres on a day to day basis, and numerous statistics and studies have shown how dangerous this can be.
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