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Tyre Safety Month 2016

As October 2016 is officially Tyre Safety Month, the staff at Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre would like to use this opportunity to remind motorists about the importance of tyre safety and especially how important it is to remain vigilant about tyre safety issues.

This year’s theme is “Don’t Chance it – Check it” and is intended to encourage motorists to check their tyres on a regular basis. Where there is any uncertainty or concern about the state of their tyres, motorists are encouraged to take their vehicle to a tyre specialist.

As part of this year’s Tyre Safety Month TyreSafe has produced a range of posters, films, animations and online banners aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of tyre safety issues. TyreSafe have also released a 360 degree film and app, TyreSafe 360, which shows the effects that damaged and underinflated tyres can have on braking distances (the app is available to be downloaded from the Apple Store or via Google Play).

For more information about the campaign or to access a full range of resources about tyre safety you can visit the October Safety Month page on the TyreSafe website at

Always remember that well maintained tyres will reduce the risk of an accident or incident whilst on the road and improve safety for yourself, your passengers and other drivers.

If you are checking your tyres yourself make sure to check your tyre pressure, tread depth (minimum tread is 1.6mm) and the general condition of your tyres, taking time to look for cuts, lumps, scrapes and other signs of wear and tear damage.

If you are concerned about the state of your tyres Derek Campbell provides free Tyre Safety checks for all vehicles and all tyres throughout the year. Simply give us a call on 01642 853510 or pop into our garage.

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