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The Rise of the Maxxis Brand

Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre opened originally on Yarm High Street in 1978 when the ‘FastFit’ industry was in its infancy and life was so much simpler. Back then, I could buy 155×13 and 165×13 tyres by the hundred because they fit ‘everything’. I knew every fitment and exhaust part number by heart as the possibilities for fitment were so limited and easy! There were no low profile fitments at all and we had no thought for fuel economy, wet grip or tyre noise.

As the car industry and the market evolved so did our level of knowledge and expertise. Customers became more demanding of quality and value as the possibilities within the industry became more diverse.

Our business became interested in the Maxxis brand when it was first introduced into the UK. Maxxis immediately became a quality brand which could be offered at a much better price than its competitors, and quickly became an excellent alternative to any of the named brand makes.

The Maxxis Centre of Excellence Programme was a natural progression. We are proud to be firmly linked to the Maxxis brand and that association is an enhancement of our service and commitment to our suppliers and our customers. We are proud of the fact that our customers trust us to provide them with a good quality product and service, which will give great value for money and ensure that they get the level of safety and handling on which they rely.

We really appreciate the fact that we have such good relationships with our customers and would never take this for granted, in the same way that we appreciate the level of service which we can rely on from our suppliers. I have seen for myself that level of commitment to the product at Maxxis and I have seen the Maxxis tyres going straight out of the factory onto Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda and Nissan! This supply direct to OE speaks for itself!

The feedback and loyalty to the Maxxis brand among my customers also speaks for itself. Maxxis has been an important brand for us for more than 12 years. The quality of the tyre across the whole range is fact, from the bread and butter range to more executive sizes and in particularly the 4×4 and AT tyres – unbeatable! For us, it has reached the point where the tyres sell themselves and customers sell them to each other.

In particular over the last five years there has been a massive shift from the more well known brands. It is my feeling that as the recession hit big style drivers were forced to look for good, safe tyres which provide all the level of handling that may have been provided by better known manufacturers but at more affordable prices. Maxxis do this and more: they are fitted as OE on many vehicles and that quality is assured at a much better price! The whole market has shifted in a way that provided an ideal opportunity for those able to supply the Maxxis brand!

As a totally independent tyre shop we can supply all brands to suit the needs of all our customers, and we look after everything from wheel barrows to Bentleys; all makes are available to us. Whatever your requirements we can supply the right tyre for all vehicles.

Come and see the new signage! Pop in for a chat and advice. Give us a try and let us quote. We also do exhaust work, puncture repairs, wheel alignment, batteries, and we are happy to check tyres for pressure/tread/wear and age any time. Whatever your car related problem let us help you with it.

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