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Keeping your tyres in good condition is vital for any motorist, but especially for people that can be driving for many hours each day. Even if you are only travelling on roads and motorways, it can be difficult to avoid picking up bumps, scrapes and scratches along the way, which makes checking for signs of irregular tyre wear and damage absolutely essential.

At Derek Campbell Exhaust and Tyre Centre, we would recommend any driver to make visual checks of their tyres at least once a month, and every two weeks if you are travelling over rough terrain, for example farm tracks. This way you may be able to detect signs of tyre degradation as soon as they arise.

One of the most simple steps that any motorist can take is to maintain an optimal tyre pressure for their tyres in Stockton. If you are unsure as to what this is exactly, your vehicle handbook should contain all the relevant information. Alternatively, the right specifications can be found on the inside of the fuel flap or on a label on the inside on the driver door frame. (Or simply pop in to see us – remember tyre safety/tread/age/pressure checks are free of charge any time). Don’t rely on the information found on the tyre itself – this is only an indication of the maximum tyre inflation pressure rather than the recommended one.

Whilst checking the pressure of the tyres on the wheels, don’t forget to check on your spare tyre every so often (if you have one). Should you need to use it, there’s no point in that one being flat as well!

Next, take a look at the tread depth of each tyre – the legal minimum is 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre, which should be visible using the tread wear bars on each tyre. (Always remember that a tyre which is legal tread wise may still not offer optimum safety for your family – stopping distance and wet grip will be compromised at the end life of the tyre). Whilst you’re there, make sure to check for signs of wear and tear damage around the outside of the tyre, especially it’s centre, as this forms the most exposed point of contact with the ground. Ultimately, it is impossible to assess the extent of internal damage without removing your tyre in Stockton from the wheel completely.

If you are looking to increase the longevity of your tyres in Stockton, rotating them on a regular basis can be a good option. Typically, cars are heavier at the front than the back, which means that the front tyres bear the most weight, and therefore wear out quicker. Even if you do choose to do this, remember to keep inspecting your tyres on a regular basis and to get them replaced when they are nearing the end of their lifespan.

At their worst, problems with tyres can lead to reduced safety and stability for a vehicle in transit, and the first signs of danger could be when you are in the driving seat yourself. Don’t ignore them – get them checked out yourself or call in for free checks without obligation. The technicians at Derek Campbells are always happy to give free advice any time.

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