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Practice Safe Tyre Checks

‘Darling, do you practise safe check?’
‘Of course, I check my tyre tread once a month!’

For anyone concerned about car and tyre safety, the 2015 survey from Tyresafe provided some alarming statistics about the sheer volume of unsafe and illegal tyres in contact with UK roads every day. Overall, some 27% of participants indicated that they were using second hand or part worn tyres, which translates to as many as one in four vehicles that could have at least one illegal or dangerous tyre.

At the Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre, we believe that the issue of tyre safety is of vital importance all year round, and we are happy to promote the right tyre safety practices and checks.

This issue fits nicely into our preparation for the “Tyresafe” Tyre Safety Awareness Month (which this year takes place from the 1st to the 31st October), although quite frankly we feel that motorists should make every month their Tyre Safety Month!

Stay Vigilant and Be Aware

Because tyres form such a basic part of road and car safety, we believe that it is important to check their condition on a regular basis, at least once a month as a general rule. However, a previous Tyresafe survey has already shown that as many as 1 in 5 motorists never bother to check the state of their tyres at all! If nothing else, we hope that by raising awareness of the issue we can at least prompt people to ask themselves “when did I last do it?”

As a dedicated tyre repair shop, the staff at the Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre will carry out free tyre safety checks at any time of the year. Our basis checks cover an assessment of each tyre, checking pressure, tread depth and age, as well as assessing physical condition. This way, you can actively monitor the condition of your tyres on an on-going basis and fix wear and tear issues as they develop.

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