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New Website Highlights the Dangers of buying Used Tyres

At Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre we have long understood the problems that come with buying used-part tyres, and regularly advise our customers as to the pitfalls of using part-worns on their vehicles. As often as possible we try to tell people about some of the problems that used tyres can bring, especially on today’s market.

For motorists that are interested in learning more about the issue, Tyresafe have launched a new website devoted exclusively to the issue – this can be found at This is in line with their ongoing campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of used tyres, which, in the vast majority of cases, would not be passed as fit and roadworthy.

It is perfectly legal to sell on part-worn tyres. The problems lie in tyre dealers who are willing to pass on tyres that are no longer in roadworthy condition disguised as used tyres, which can seriously endanger the motorist.

Tyresafe launches new site

One of the great myths about part worn tyres is that they represent real value for money, and that buying premium tyres is a waste of money. Perhaps for this reason, millions of motorists continue to rely on used tyres to get them from A to B, often without realising the risks that they incur.

The new website is intended to highlight problems, go through the legal regulations governing the part-worn tyre industry and expose the real costs of using part-worns on your vehicle. Should you require more information the staff at Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre are more than happy to help in any way.

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