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Mobile Tyre Pressure Checks

At Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre we appreciate how important it is to use properly inflated tyres whilst out and about, and we constantly remind our customers about how much they rely on their tyres for so many aspects of their vehicle’s performance.

What is all the more perplexing is just how many people fail to check the condition of their tyres on a regular basis, which can not only increase your risk of having an accident but also has a direct effect on how much fuel your car consumes and how stable you feel whilst driving. TyreSafe has estimated that as many as 90% of drivers fail to check their tyres at least once a month.

Automated Tyre Pressure Checks

Clearly there is a need to get more motorists to think more actively about the condition of their tyres. With this in mind, UK firm WheelRight has invented what could be a pioneering new way for motorists to quickly and effortlessly check the state of their tyres. This comes in the form of a device that is built into the road itself, allowing cars to drive on top of and stop for a brief moment, allowing the device to take a reading.

The driver does not have to get out of the car at any point during the whole process, which is quick, straightforward and, hopefully, accurate – the company has been working with the Highways Agency and Welcome Break Services in order to pilot the project earlier this year.

The pilot scheme took place at Keele Services on the Southbound M6 and was open to both car and HGV drivers for 3 months. WheelRight provided on site support staff throughout the duration of the pilot to assist with operating their two machines.

Analysis from the first machine has already proved insightful, providing data that showed 1 in 8 cars tested suffering from underinflated tyres.

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