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The importance of good tyres with good grip!

Think about it for a moment: the part of your tyre in contact with the road is approximately the size of the palm of your hand! It is therefore very important to have good grip to keep you, your passengers and other road users safe.
You should also bear in mind that there can be a massive difference between tyres that are road legal – and have legal tread – and tyres that are safe!

Tyres with a tread below 3mm will require greater stopping distance than those nearer the legal limit and there will also be an increased risk of aquaplaning in wet weather, particularly on motorways.

Every manoeuvre you make relies on your tyres. Best handling, road holding, braking, all rely on that small surface of tyre between you and the road.

At Derek Campbell Exhaust and Tyre Centre we understand that many drivers, particularly in the North East, do need to budget, and you should bear in mind that for the family driver there are very many good priced alternatives to suit each pocket and keep your family safe.

We only sell good quality, safe tyres, with many options that are less expensive and compare very well with the branded names. We hope that if you are on a budget then please give us a try. We can look after your safety and your pocket!

Please remember that if you consider ‘part worn’ or ‘second hand’ tyres these are perfectly legal but are often very poor value for money when compared to new tyres. Also remember that the end life of a tyre will not offer you the same degree of safety as a new tyre does.

At Derek Campbell Exhaust and Tyre Centre we firmly believe that the only safe and cost effective option is a new tyre!
We can supply all makes to suit all vehicles. We are sure that we can always offer you a good safe option and generally it will suit your pocket as well!

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