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Happy New Year from Derek Campbell Exhaust and Tyre Centre!

Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year, above all else stay safe, happy and health! I hope everyone had a great Festive Season and like me you are ready to face the challenges of another New Year.

We at Derek Campbells love the opportunity to spend time with our family but now we are ready to be of service. The winter months are always the hardest for us and although these months make us all bit more safety aware it is not much fun looking for punctures in tyres in freezing conditions. This, however, is exactly what we do day in and day out, and the lads here face every task with the same sense of humour… after all each job we do is important to the customer and customer safety!

Let me offer you the opportunity to make the easiest New Years Resolution you have ever made and one that will be easy to stick to and ensure that your car is always kept at optimum safety. Make it your New Years Resolution to pop in regularly for your FREE tyre safety check. We can regularly check for tyre tread/age/pressure/safety all free of charge at any time. If you do this you will always be aware of when tyres might need changing and you will get best tyre life, road holding, handling and you will also improve fuel consumption! Reduce your motoring costs with no charge to yourself! How is that for an easy resolution to keep? And doing that will keep you much safer throughout the whole of 2015.

We are always pleased to see customers, those we have known for many years…. and new customers. Please call in for advice or a chat any time.

Happy New Year
All at Derek Campbells

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