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Getting your Vehicle ready for Winter

I know everyone would have us believe that winter tyres are a very important factor to consider and I would believe that they are depending on the distance you are travelling, where you live and where you travel too. This is a subject that deserves more depth and detail, so drivers can be better prepared and ready for next winter.

In my opinion, getting regular pressure checks on your tyres is the one thing that most improves your handling, fuel consumption and safety. Always remember that a cold snap can cause pressure reduction anyway as compressed air is affected by temperature, so when the temperature drops then do please feel free to visit us for a tyre safety/tread/pressure check, free of charge at any time.

In addition, it is important to keep a few things in mind when it comes to winter driving. In particular, Derek Campbell Exhaust and Tyre Centre recommend taking these few simple steps:

  • Plenty of tread will ensure best water clearance and stopping distance especially in poorer weather.
  • When the mornings and evenings are darker and poor weather reduces visibility, lights are also extremely important. Check your lights are working properly and are clean to ensure best visibility.
  • Washer fluid – keep the fluid topped up and of a concentration to ensure it is least likely to freeze and check wipers are in good order… wipers which smear will not help visibility in bad weather.
  • Fuel may be an obvious one, but if you do get stuck in snow you will be able to keep warm if you are unlucky enough to get stuck.

Other things to keep in your car if you are doing winter driving are a mobile phone charger, warm waterproof clothing, de-icer and scraper and a torch (remember to check batteries on the torch regularly). Snacks may prove very important if you do get stuck in your vehicle for any length of time, and if snow is anticipated it may be wise to carry a shovel and old carpet which can be used to put under your wheels should you get stuck.

I always feel that January is one of the worst months for winter driving and once we are into February we can begin to look forward to lighter days and the daffodils!

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