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Avoiding the worry of worn down tyres

We provide regular maintenance to keep your tyres in optimal condition and ensure the road worthiness of your vehicle.

Running a vehicle is expensive and the consistent cost of maintenance, replacements and repairs can be a financial pressure. However, when it comes to road safety we cannot put a price on ensuring our vehicles are operating in optimal condition.

Each part worn tyre (which by the way is already worn down, generally to less than half usable tread) that is sold in the UK must be correctly labelled to show that it has been thoroughly assessed and successfully meets all legal requirements. Unfortunately, not every driver is aware of this when they purchase tyres for their vehicle and Trading Standards have warned that up to 83% of used tyres being sold in the country possess safety defects, insufficient repairs and wrong labelling.

If you are willing to take the risks associated with purchase of ‘part worn’ tyres along with ensuring you buy used tyres with the correct stamp it is essential that you keep your tyres in the best condition possible. Tyres at their end life (partworn) may not be in the best condition to keep you safe on the road, especially at this time of year.

Tyre tread must be regularly inspected to prevent excessive wear. Drivers are exposed to various seasonal hazards throughout the year and as we head into March it is crucial to ensure your tyres are equipped to handle the wet and damp roads brought by spring showers. The level of tread on your car needs to be above the 1.6mm legal minimum and the tyre wall needs to be free from any gouges and bumps. The aim of tyre treads is to pump water from the surface of the road and ensure maximum grip. When tyres have become worn down to the legal limit they are unable to effectively disperse water and will require replacement to prevent any risk to you and other drivers.

Our skilled and friendly team can provide all aspects of tyre maintenance. We pride ourselves in fitting and supplying NEW tyres which will keep you and your family safe and we can offer a range of tyres to suit most pockets. We are committed to ensuring vehicular safety, we carry out professional work and provide each of our customers with complete peace of mind.

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