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Allianz urges UK motorists to adopt Winter Tyres

Around the world, and especially in countries where snow and ice are more endemic problems that occur throughout the year, winter tyres are used as standard in many vehicles to improve grip and reduce the likelihood of the vehicle being involved in an accident. Not so in the UK, where very few drivers genuinely consider switching to winter tyres, with the general perception being that this is an expensive and inconvenient luxury.

Little by little, however, this perception is changing throughout the country, led both by individuals and organisations operating within the automotive industry. One of the latest of these organisations is the roadside assistance company Allianz Global Assistance UK, who this year has recommended that motorists should consider making the switch.

Prepare for Winter Conditions

The figures from Allianze Global Assistance make for compelling reading – during the month of January, 1 in 5 of the calls that they receive are related to issues with tyres. Their recommendation is that motorists prepare for the coming weather by fitting winter tyres, which would reduce braking distance by some 50% when travelling on snow and ice.

This would mean that a vehicle travelling at 20 mph would stop 11 metres sooner on icy roads.

At Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre our staff can undertake a free tyre safety check any time you like, helping you to assess the condition of your tyre. Whilst winter tyres may not be the solution every time, we believe in taking precautions to ensure the safety of motorists whatever the season.

With weather forecasts predicting snow, ice and wintery conditions in the coming days and weeks, taking precautions could prevent problems in the future, and we are happy to help out in any way we can. We provide premium winter tyres that you can rely on to perform when it counts.

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