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25 Year Milestones Reached for Mick and Chris!

Derek Campbells Exhaust and Tyre Centre has been in business since 1st June 1978. During that time there has been many changes in the trade. Vehicles have changed so much in terms of design and technology. As fuel efficiency, accelerating and stopping distance have become more important in vehicle performance, so the market has become much more diverse. Wheel and tyre packages certainly do become more important to the car owner and tyre fitting has become much more of an exacting skill. When wheels were all mild steel and most 13” or 14” it was a case of using basic machinery, a tyre bar, and one size fits all. Things have changed massively and some alloys may be worth £300 + each. The skill involved in fitting tyres to many of these wheels is exacting and the demands of the customer understandably even more so.

I am very proud of the fact that all my ‘Technicians’ are fully qualified and sufficiently skilled to deal with any wheel and tyre package out there, from wheel barrows, to Minis, BMW, Mercedes, Fiesta across the range to the most high performance vehicle. I am also very proud of the fact that my staff stay with me and that at Derek Campbell’s we are much more of a family than a business.

Two of my staff, Mick and Chris have both worked for me for 25 years this year! What an anniversary! And the team now includes Chris’s son Josh, who at 16 years old provides Saturday help. I am very proud of this family association. We are in fact celebrating Chris’s 40th birthday along with his 25 year working anniversary this month (August). I wonder how many folk these days can say that they have worked in one place from leaving school?

The business has developed and changed along the ways to accommodate the needs of customers and it is my hope that the Technicians can look forward to a future serving the folk of Stockton, Darlington, Middlesbrough and surrounding areas for a long time – perhaps another 25 years for Chris and Mick? Happy 40th Birthday Chris from all at Derek Campbells!

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