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Derek Campbell Exhaust & Tyre Centre first opened its doors on June 1st 1978. Located on Yarm High Street, we set out on a fantastic professional adventure all those years ago and we are now overwhelmed and delighted to be celebrating our 40th birthday. For as long as anyone... Read More →
Wheel Alignment Middlesbrough
Professional diagnosis and correction of improperly aligned wheels. Misaligned wheels can cause danger on the roads as well as result in excessive tyre degradation. This increased pressure on tyres leads to the unwanted expense of frequent replacement. Many people are unaware of... Read More →
Car and Van Tyres
We provide regular maintenance to keep your tyres in optimal condition and ensure the road worthiness of your vehicle. Running a vehicle is expensive and the consistent cost of maintenance, replacements and repairs can be a financial pressure. However, when it comes to road... Read More →
New research from tyre manufacturer Hankook Tyres has revealed some startling statistics about UK drivers, starting with the discovery that around 1 in 10 drivers have never checked the pressure of the tyres on their vehicle. A further 1 in 5 drivers in the UK were found to only... Read More →
As October 2016 is officially Tyre Safety Month, the staff at Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre would like to use this opportunity to remind motorists about the importance of tyre safety and especially how important it is to remain vigilant about tyre safety issues. This... Read More →
Derek Campbells Exhaust and Tyre Centre has been in business since 1st June 1978. During that time there has been many changes in the trade. Vehicles have changed so much in terms of design and technology. As fuel efficiency, accelerating and stopping distance have become more... Read More →
Some good news for the UK’s half a million caravan owners: TyreSafe (the tyre safety experts) have launched an online tyre pressure calculator specifically for caravans and caravan owners. It is well known amongst caravanners that keeping to their recommended tyre pressure is... Read More →
Despite many warnings by organisations such as TyreSafe and others, it is well known that a considerable proportion of UK drivers continue to run on underinflated tyres. However, it is difficult to know just exactly how many UK motorists continue do this, since many of them are... Read More →
At Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre we are quick to remind our customers about the dangers and pitfalls of part worn tyres, many of which have not been subjected to proper safety checks before they have been resold. The attraction for many drivers is obvious – part worns... Read More →
At Derek Campbell Tyre and Exhaust Centre it often surprises us just how little many of the motorists we meet actually know about the tyres that keep them on the road, and in particular the tread depth of their own tyres. A big part of what we do is raising awareness of this... Read More →